Instructions for Completing a Cash Receipts Transmittal Form

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Obtain blank transmittal forms by calling Student Accounts at 716-645-5761

1. Each deposit of checks and money should include a completed Cash Transmittal Form and two adding machine tapes (or check logs) that reconcile the cash and checks with the receipt form.

2. Deliver the deposit to :

Office of Student Accounts
214 Crofts Hall, North Campus

Locked bags are required for transporting deposits through campus mail. If a locked bag is needed, email

cash receipts transmittal form.

Cash Receipts Transmittal Form

First Column

Date of Deposit

Depositing Department

Department Name, Department Address

Transmitted By (who prepared the deposit and can be contacted for any questions)

Contact Name, Telephone Number, Email Address ( address)

Check to deposit to multiple accounts?

Submit it using the form for Cash Deposit Multiple Accounts  

Second Column

Total amount of the deposit

 Sub-totals for checks

  • Including money orders, Master Card/VISA receipts, Discover Transactions, U.S. currency and coin and Canadian currency and coin. 
  • The total of all subtotals must match the Total Deposit at the top of the column.

Cash Receipt Numbers Accounted for

  • Only applicable if you use a cash receipt log and want to indicate receipt numbers and any voided receipts
NO credit card transactions will be processed by Student Accounts

Only totals of credit card transactions already processed should be included on this form (i.e. parking).

Third Column

Reference Number

  • Sequentially assigned by the department which can be any alpha-numeric combination up to six characters or the Grad Application Number if applicable. 
  • Sequentially assigned transmittal numbers will facilitate reconciliation

Trial Balance

  • Value is always 1

 Uniform Revenue Accounting System (URAS)


  • Sub-account of the URAS account if applicable  

 IFR Account

  • Must be a pre-approved as an IFR account number (six digit limit)

IFR Sub Account

  • Sub-account (four digit limit), if applicable.
  • Must be pre-approved as an IFR sub-account by SUNY

Select  Account Type:

Account Type Number Description
IFR 345 10 Any deposit that has an IFR account 9XXXXX
SUTRA 345 47 Only for IFR accounts that begin with 96XXXX
Dorm 330 00 For a deposit to a Dorm URAS account, for example 3639
Coll 344 03 Used by SARFS or Financial Services staff, for example 1389-01
Tuit 345 12 For a deposit to a Tuition URAS account
Any Deposit to an IFR Account

should have IFR (345 10) box checked

Contact an Expert

Sean Gardner.

Sean Gardner

IFR, Revenue Accounting and Treasury Management

Financial Management

Phone: 716-645-2621


Leah Kerr.

Leah Kerr

IFR, Revenue Accounting and Treasury Management

Financial Management

Phone: 716-645-0232


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