International Services

International Employment Unit (IEU) staff ensure the proper taxation and reporting of payments made to foreign nationals.  IEU also provides assistance to foreign nationals with applying for a taxpayer identification number (ITIN/SSN) and tools to assist in the completion of their income tax returns.

Data and Security Administration (DSA) staff are responsible for granting access to employee data and handling the reporting needs of the campus with regards to this data via SIRI people data.  Staff are entrusted to keep sensitive data confidential and secured.

Functional Services

Functions provided by IEU area include:

  • Review and input tax withholding and treaties for international employees (state and RF)
  • Issue employment verification letters for international students to apply for their SSN
  • Enter all Research Foundation appointments into E-Verify
  • Process all Nonresident Alien (NRA) scholarship/fellowship vouchers (state)
  • Review and process all state honoraria
  • Certify acceptance agent (For ITIN applications)
  • Research Foundation H-1B labor certification application postings

Functions provided by DSA area include:

  • Review and approve all employee data access requests for HR applications
  • Update HR listservs and review and approve usage
  • Create HR reports for campus use in SIRI people data
  • Create ad hoc HR reports to respond to individual needs by the campus
  • Resolve data discrepancies and errors