Customer Service

The Customer Service unit provides informational assistance and service to all University at Buffalo (UB) employees and staff for all Human Resources (HR) functions.

Functional Services

Services that are provided by this area include:

  • Scan and file official payroll files for all State and  Research Foundation (RF) employees
  • Verify employment and unemployment for all the University staff  through fax and federal mail
  • Provide Prior Service verification for retirement purposes is done by mail; original signatures must be on form
  • Pick up and distribute all mail for HR department
  • Direct all phone calls and walk-ins inquiring about HR information to the appropriate personnel associate
  • Schedule conference rooms for various meetings on our floor
  • Maintain and order all supplies for HR Department
  • Enter name and address changes for various systems (NYBEAS, SUNY Payroll, SIRI data)
  • Produce and distribute New Employee Welcome Packet