Employee Relations

The Employee Relations (ER) department provides assistance to the State University of New York at Buffalo and Research Foundation employee community in promoting a productive and positive campus work environment. ER advises leadership in the development of solutions that address workplace challenges and issues while recognizing both organizational and individual needs and objectives.  We serve the campus with interpreting and administering the collective bargaining agreements and handling all labor issues, Human Resources policies, federal and state law, and the policies of the Board of Trustees

Functional Services

Services include: 

  • Assist in interpretation and administration of collective bargaining agreements
  • Assist in the interpretation of university policies and procedures
  • Provide confidential consultation
  • Assist administrators and employees in resolving conflict situations in the workplace
  • Advise supervisors on coaching, counseling and provide feedback on performance issues to include Performance Improvement Plans
  • Investigate misconduct and administer disciplinary process
  • Advise employees regarding their employment rights
  • Participate in grievance process contained in collective bargaining agreements
  • Serve on campus labor/management committees