Develop a Workforce Plan

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Workforce planning is a core function of human resource management in the planning and evaluation of your organization.

Workforce Plan Elements

A process used to Identify and analyze what an organization currently need as well as will need into the future to achieve its objectives in terms of:

  • Size of workforce
  • Type of positions
  • Experience, knowledge, and skills of its workforce

Workforce Plan Components

Learn about the common components of a workforce plan and areas of consideration when evaluating your workforce.  

Position Categorization

Categorize the different positions within your organization and how they are funded. 

Determine the Role of Positions

Through the evaluation of positions, it is critical that you understand what role each position currently and into the future will play within your organization. 

Learn more about the different roles that exist for position evaluation.


Think About the Financials

Once you have determined what your future employment needs are for services, you need to think about the funding that is required for these employment needs.

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