Fitness Classes

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These group classes will improve your cardiovascular fitness and endurance, and balance. Bring a yoga mat and water. Masks are optional. Offered in partnership with Recreation and Intramural Services.

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Learning Outcomes

  • Getting in better shape
  • Getting stronger
  • Having more energy and stamina

Intended Audience

UB faculty and staff



Class Descriptions

Fall Classes:

Body Bar Blast: This class is a muscle-toning class focused on body muscle strength. Designed using weighted bars, you will perform a variety of traditional weight training moves. Feel stronger with every session!

Yoga: Each class will open with brief meditation & pranayama, followed by gentle asana toward an accessible apex pose (such as vrkasana, natarajasana, warrior 2 that will energetically benefit faculty and staff, providing them with focus and prana to get through the rest of their day. Class will close in a 5 minute restful savasana with guided visualizations to help achieve deep tissue relaxation.  

Muscle Pump: A great way to define, sculpt and build lean muscle. Focuses on intense isolation exercises with free weights and resistance, ending with abs. All-Levels.

Cardio and Tone: For a combo class that’ll leave you feeling stronger with a boost of endorphins, look no further than our fast-paced, but incredibly fun Cardio and Tone. Large movements combined with fast paced exercises make for one sweaty, intense workout! Cardio and Tone is the perfect workout for anyone looking for cardio with primarily low impact movements. You won’t want to miss this one.

Class Schedule and Registration

Fall Class Schedule
Class Dates Time Location Register
Body Bar Blast Mondays (beginning 8/29/2022)              12:10-12:50pm North Campus Alumni Arena Dance Studio 75 AA Register
Yoga Mondays (beginning 9/12/2022)                12:10-12:50pm South Campus Clark Hall Dance Studio Register
Muscle Pump Wednesdays (beginning 8/31/2022)   12:10-12:50pm North Campus Alumni Arena Dance Studio 75 AA    
Cardio and Tone Thursdays (beginning 9/1/2022)    12:10-12:50pm  South Campus Clark Hall Dance Studio Register

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