Application to Use Radioactive Material

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To work with radioactive material at the University at Buffalo, you must fill out one of two types of applications as noted below.

All users of Radioactive Material at the University at Buffalo must be familiar with the material in the Radioactive Materials Safety Manual, Guide to Radioactive Waste Management and the Commitment to Health and Safety in the Working and Learning Environment Policy.

Principal Investigator

If you are a principal investigator of a research project involving radioactive materials, and/or qualified individuals responsible for supervising radioactive materials use by associate users or students in laboratories, request Principal Investigator authorization.

Associate Investigator

If you are an individual (technician, faculty or staff) working under the supervision of and directly responsible to a Principal Investigator, request Associate Investigator authorization.

The approval process is as follows:

  • Each Associate Investigator is required to attend a "New User Orientation" prior to working with open sources of radioactive material.
  • Before attending the orientation the applicant must complete a short answer quiz which covers information in the Radioactive Materials Safety Manual, basic safety calculations and radioactive waste management.
  • Upon completion of the orientation and passing a post orientation exam, the user needs to conduct and submit a contamination survey report.  The Associate Investigator will then be granted approval to work under the direct supervision of the Principal Investigator.

Previous training or experience at another facility will not exempt the candidate from this training requirement.

To start the approval process, request authorization below. Once your application has been received, you will receive further instructions and be notified of the next available date for New User Orientation.

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