Radioactive Waste Disposal

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All radioactive waste must be collected in containers supplied by Environment, Health & Safety.

Requesting Radioactive Disposal Services

To request an empty container or have a full container picked up, fill out the Request for Radioactive Waste Disposal form RW-50.. See the back of the form for a description of radioactive waste container types available. Refer to the instructions provided on each of the types of waste containers supplied for the proper disposal procedure.

Scan the form to Radiation Safety at (or fax to 829-2029) before Tuesday, 2:00 p.m. for pickup on Thursday. We cannot accept any request after 2:00 P.M. since time is needed to prepare the containers and shipping papers.

When filling out the request form, be sure to include:

  • The Principal Investigator's Name
  • Location of the container (building and room)
  • Type of container (dry, liquid, etc.)
  • Container Number
  • The isotope and estimated activity in the container
  • The account number to be charged for disposal services
Wipe Test Required

You must perform a wipe test on every container that is to be picked up. Please attach the raw data to the container. Radiation Safety staff will not pick up a container without the wipe survey attached!

Contact an Expert

head shot of Joshua Snyder Hazardous Materials Supervisor.

Joshua Snyder

Hazardous Materials Supervisor

Environment, Health & Safety

Phone: 716-829-5829