SUNY and RF Extra Service Policies Available

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Published September 27, 2017 This content is archived.

The following policies are available in the University Policy Library:


Overview - SUNY Extra Service for Professional Staff Policy

The State University of New York (University) Board of Trustees has established an extra service policy, which is applicable to performance of service beyond that normally required by the professional obligation as defined by the individual’s performance program. Extra service for professional staff of the University is defined in two ways:

1.    Work performed by academic and professional staff in a “payroll agency” other than the “payroll agency” to which the employee is regularly assigned.

2.    Work performed by academic and professional staff at their own campus that is different from or in addition to an individual’s professional obligations.

Overview - RF Assigning Extra Service Policy

At times, employees are called upon to perform activities that are not directly related to their recognized institutional duties, or that significantly increases the recognized institutional duties for a fixed period of time, such as providing expertise outside the employee’s obligation, regular department, school or college. Extra compensation for these services not directly related to institutional duties may be permitted when certain conditions are met. In addition, it is important to ensure extra service compensation paid from federally funded awards complies with Office of Management and Budget (OMB) governing regulations.


These policies apply to all members of the university community.


Address questions regarding extra service to the appropriate office.

Contact for Questions
Payroll Individual Phone Email
State Dana Moore 716-645-8157
RF   Robert Palmer 716-645-4476
UBF   Kate Fisher 716-645-8735
UBF Vanessa Phengsomphane 716-645-8732