HR Announcements

HR strongly recommends that UB employees do the following four helpful things now to prepare for any possible future changes to normal business operations, should they occur.
Ensure that your state financial transactions are attributed to the correct UB fiscal year using the cutoff dates for each transaction type.
The tax preparation system, Sprintax, is available for international students and scholars to use to prepare 2019 taxes.
Currently active New York state (NYS), Research Foundation (RF) and UB Foundation (UBF) employees can access their W-2 reports online now.  
The SUNY Board of Trustees announced that UB will align the minimum wage with the levels approved in the New York state budget.  
Governor Andrew M. Cuomo issued an executive order which requires individuals to quarantine for 14 days after traveling for 24 hours or longer to states that have a high test rate for COVID-19. Employees that travel to such states are ineligible for paid sick leave benefits if the travel was not directed by the employee’s employer.
Andrew M. Cuomo, Governor of the State of New York, has recognized June 19, 2020 as Juneteenth, which shall be a holiday for state employees.
State 10-month faculty members receiving a paycheck from September until June can request that their salary be paid throughout the year — over 26 pay periods instead of 21 pay periods.