Central Email Policy Revised

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Published August 18, 2022

The university has updated and revised the Central Email Policy. The revised policy has been approved and signed by President Tripathi, and is available in the University Policy Library



The University at Buffalo is committed to providing a central email system to support the education, research, and administrative activities of the university. Email is an official communication channel, and the university expects faculty, staff, and students to use, read, and respond to their email regularly. Email usage must comply with federal and state laws and university policies, including those governing computing resources, information security, and ethics. The Computing and Network Use Policy provides the framework for acceptable use of university information technology (IT) resources. 

Policy Revisions

The policy was updated to:

  • Change the title of the policy from UB IT Central Email Policies and Procedures to Central Email Policy
  • Revise the Summary, Policy Statement, Background, and Applicability sections
  • Add a section to address email forwarding and third-party email systems to:
    • Prohibit automatic email forwarding to a third-party email system
    • Prohibit use of a third-party email system that has not been approved by the VPCIO as a justifiable case
  • Add a definition for Block List, Flooding, and Message Hygiene
  • Revise the definitions for E-Discovery and NYS FOIL
  • Remove detailed language relating to spam management and filtering
  • Revise the Misuse of Email section (previously titled Email With Forged Header Information) to be more inclusive of other types of misuse


This policy applies to individuals with access to a centrally supported university email address, including UB faculty, staff, students, and volunteers. 

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