Become a Better Communicator (Part 1)

Improve your communication skills using the DISC assessment to provide insight into your preferred communication style and learn how to determine the ideal approach to use with each of your colleagues.

This workshop will analyze four primary communication styles and how they impact your interactions at work. It will provide strategies for getting your message heard, presenting ideas and gathering information from those with differing styles of communication.  

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Learning Outcomes

  • Communicate more effectively with others — verbally and non-verbally by understanding your predominant style of communication
  • Identify the factors that may impact the way others interpret your messages
  • Understand other people's communication styles, which will improve your interactions, build trust and achieve results
  • Enhance your relationships and networks
  • Increase your influence with others by flexing your communication style

Intended Audience

UB faculty and staff


Completion of a pre-training assessment (sent via email one week prior to workshop)



Workshop Schedule and Registration

Log in to UB EDGE to view workshop dates and register. (Don't have a UB EDGE account? Search for dates on the UB Calendar and email or call 716-645-4459 to register.)

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Cristina Masucci, CPTD

Training Facilitator

Organizational Development and Effectiveness (ODE)

Phone: 716-645-8153


Contact for Questions

Kerry Lynch.

Kerry Gangi

Program Coordinator and Communications Specialist

Organizational Development and Effectiveness (ODE)

Phone: 716-645-4459


The University at Buffalo is committed to providing reasonable accommodations to individuals with any disabilities. If you require accommodations to participate in this session, please contact Organizational Development and Effectiveness (ODE) at (716) 645-4459 or prior to attending the workshop. Please allow ample time for ODE to work with the Office of Accessibility Resources to arrange accommodations.