Space Inventory Survey

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The annual Physical Space Survey is the primary method or tool used to update the university’s space-related information which includes space use, organizational assignments, person occupant assignments, and research investigator assignments. 

Survey Period

The annual fall Space Survey will be conducted between October 18 through November 15, 2023.

Purpose of Survey

This survey, along with the regular field visits conducted during the year, gives UB timely and accurate information regarding space that is used for analysis and planning by UB administration and for reporting requirements to local, state and federal government agencies.

Floor Plans

Floor plans graphically represent individual departmental space assignments and are annotated with the use description code, occupant of a space, and the Net Square Feet (NSF) of a space. The floor plans can be viewed using the free Auto Desk Viewer and may require the assistance of your local IT department to install.

  • The graphical report illustrates space for one department for each floor plan, consequently if you share space with another department, this particular report will not represent that sharing. Please refer to the space detail report (XLS format) that lists the proration of your space with another department. You can also see this proration value on the web application as well.
  • The graphical report illustrates occupant assignments to a space, due to a limitation of the report, only one occupant is annotated to a room. For additional occupant assignments please refer to the space detail reports (XLS format) or the web application.

Space Detail Reports

The space detail reports are EXCEL files that end in the name ‘SpaOccPI’ and include information as it is presented in the space survey.  The occupants and investigators are concatenated into a single cell (columns O and P) for all occupants and all investigators and separated by a semi colon.  Each row of the spreadsheet corresponds to a room.  These are supplemental files to assist in updating the survey.

These reports are to be used for reference only. Any changes to this information is to be done on the Space Survey web application.

Using the Floor Plan Viewer

The free AutoDesk DWF Viewer will give you the ability to view the DWF floor plans of your space. It requires administrative rights on your computer for installation, so contact your local IT person for assistance.

Contact an Expert

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David Barnas

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Facilities, Campus Planning

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