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Paint services maintain the interiors and exteriors paint and signs on campus. Paint color is just one aspect of environmental branding that helps make a memorable impression on students, faculty, staff and visitors.

Routine Service Hours

Customer Service Office

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Monday - Friday 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Reporting Problems


716-645-2025 for Customer Service


Environmental Paint Colors

Sherwin Williams Paints (SW) have been selected in alignment with UB's secondary color palette to suit our spaces only.

Environmental Color Family Use Example UB Color Palette Sherwin Williams (SW) Color Name SW Color Number
Primary Colors   UB Blue UB Bull Blue Custom Formulation
    Hayes Hall White Extra White SW 7006
Muted (Neutrals) Corridors, offices, with accents Baird Point Nebulous White SW 7063
      Functional Gray SW 7024
      Biscuit SW 6112
      Bagel SW 6114
      Skyline Steel SW 1015
      Extra White SW 7006
Muted Formal Dean's and VP office suites Harriman Blue Moscow Midnight SW 9142
    Townsend Gray Cityscape SW 7067
Formal Office Accents Niagara Whirlpool Down Pour SW 6516
Formal Vibrant Classroom Accents Lake LaSalle Aquarium SW 6767
    Victor E. Bull Fountain SW 6787
Vibrant Casual Resident Halls, Student Spaces Letchworth Autumn Robust Orange SW 6628
    Solar Strand Goldfinch SW 6905
    Greiner Green Frolic SW 6703
      Rave Red SW 6608
Casual Muted Lobbies and Learning Landscapes accents Bronze Buffalo Cardboard SW 6124
    Capen Brick Flower Pot SW 6334
    Olmsted Elm Gecko SW 6719
Other Doors and window frames (or paint to match walls)   Well Bred Brown SW 7027
      Black Magic SW 6991

Requesting Service

Help With Space Renovation

If painting is one aspect of renovation on your unit, contact Facilities Design and Construction to make it part of a cohesive project.

Beane Center avatar.

Design and Construction

University Facilities

119 John Beane Center

Phone: 716-645-2612; Fax: 716-645-5923

Need a Price Quote First?

If you want to receive a price quote before your work is scheduled, check Yes on the Work Order Form. Work will be scheduled without a price quote if you choose No.

To request a painting service:

  • Call Customer Service at 716-645-2025 or
  • Log in and submit an online Work Order Request form

Contact an Expert

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Customer Service

University Facilities

120 John Beane Center

Phone: 716-645-2025; Fax: 716-645-5965


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