Complete Required Training

UB is committed to ensuring a safe, secure and healthy environment for all our employees. We have made training available online for you to take at your convenience to help you understand how we work together to achieve this goal.

Required Training

This online class reviews UB’s Workplace Violence Policy and helps you to identify potentially violent situations so that you can help to keep our campus safe and secure. 
This online class focuses on preventing unlawful harassment in the workplace. Learn how to identify potentially harassing situations and what you can do if you feel threatened.
This online class will help you recognize the tactics used by others to obtain sensitive and protected information. In the university environment, most of us deal with sensitive information on a daily basis — sometimes without realizing it. We all have a responsibility to ensure that UB data remains secure.  

This class provides information employees need to know concerning the Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Hazard Communication Standard and the New York State Right-to-Know Law.

Additional Training Opportunities

To be successful in your new role, additional training resources are available. 

  • Consider job shadowing
  • Discuss reference materials or resources available
  • Recommend available campus training opportunities

Ask your department what additional training may be required for you to successfully do your job