Before Your First Day

As soon as you accept your new position at UB, you've got questions and decisions to make. We have a few answers for you to consider.

In preparation for your first day at UB, the staff in your department are your best resource.
UB prides itself on the diversity of our community. The Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) maintains many demographic statistics regarding the University workforce.
UB's three campuses are joined by common communication and transportation systems. Learn how to find your way around the campuses.
Your meal break at work can be a way to refresh and energize you. Explore your options and don't forget to ask your manager about common dining practices among staff.
Your successful work life is a balance between employment and other responsibilities. Browse some UB-endorsed family-oriented services.
Congratulations on your decision to work at UB. Western New York offers affordable living and diverse cultural and recreational activities for everyone.

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