Before Your First Day

As soon as you accept your new position at UB, you've got questions and decisions to make. We have a few answers for you to consider.

  • Be Prepared for Your First Day
    In preparation for your first day at UB, the staff in your department are your best resource.
  • Tell UB About Yourself
    UB prides itself on the diversity of our community. The Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) maintains many demographic statistics regarding the University workforce.
  • Getting Around Campus
    UB's three campuses are joined by common communication and transportation systems. Learn how to find your way around the campuses.
  • Find Out Where to Eat at Work
    Your meal break at work can be a way to refresh and energize you. Explore your options and don't forget to ask your manager about common dining practices among staff.
  • Resources for Family Care
    Your successful work life is a balance between employment and other responsibilities. Browse some UB-endorsed family-oriented services.
  • Relocating to Western New York
    Your department may be able to reimburse your relocation expenses. Review the guidelines and recommendations if this is your case.

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