Get Your Permanent UB Card

The multipurpose UB Card is your official University at Buffalo ID and your key to accessing the campus community.  

What you can use your UB Card for:

  • Access to areas for which you are authorized
  • Library resources and services
  • Events on campus
  • Proof of employment for discounts on and off campus
  • Personal payment card on campus (Flexibull Bucks)

When Can I Get My Permanent UB Card?

Your initial UB Card will expire. Get your permanent card:

  • After you've received a paycheck
  • Within nine months of your start date

Where Can I Get My UB Card?

UB Cards are issued by the UB Card offices. Call ahead to verify offices are open and your card is ready:

North Campus

1 Capen Hall

South Campus

114 Diefendorf Hall