Information Security: Everyone's Responsibility

This online training will help you recognize the tactics used by others to obtain sensitive and protected information. In the university environment, most of us deal with sensitive information on a daily basis — sometimes without realizing it. We all have a responsibility to ensure that UB data remains secure.  

Running Time: 35-45 minutes

On this page:

Learning Outcomes

  • Why a security breach at the University could be dangerous and costly
  • The tricks and techniques that cyber-thieves use to steal information
  • Easy to apply tips and tricks to help you to ensure that you are not responsible for an information security breach
  • The risks you face when dealing with sensitive information
  • Specific things that you can do to remain safe and avoid compromising the information you handle

Intended Audience

UB faculty and staff





Before You Start

- Turn on your sound
    - Please note: Not all online modules are narrated. You may only hear mouse clicks in some modules.
- Allow pop-ups if prompted or turn off your browser's pop-up blocker
- Be sure you are using an updated web browser

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Contact for Questions

Kerry Lynch.

Kerry Gangi

Program Coordinator and Communications Specialist

Organizational Development and Effectiveness (ODE)

Phone: 716-645-4459


The University at Buffalo is committed to providing reasonable accommodations to individuals with any disabilities. If you require accommodations to participate in this session, please contact Organizational Development and Effectiveness (ODE) at (716) 645-4459 or prior to attending the workshop. Please allow ample time for ODE to work with the Office of Accessibility Resources to arrange accommodations.