Guidance for Travel Reimbursements Related to COVID-19

Guidance for Travel Reimbursements

Faculty and staff might have already made travel arrangements and incurred expenses for upcoming travel that may have been cancelled due to concerns related to COVID-19. UB follows SUNY policies for cases when reimbursement is possible. 


Policy Guidance

Last Updated April 16, 2020

UB follows State and Research Foundation policies regarding travel reimbursement.

Unit Responsibility

  • Assess all planned travel related to university business
  • Track and provide proper documentation for traveler reimbursement if university business travel has been cancelled
  • Track all reimbursed flights to ensure staff use the credit(s) from any unused tickets for UB business travel within a year of the original booking date
  • Recover university funds in the event that an individual has been reimbursed and the credit is later used for personal use
    • In Concur, select the Report Type for expense reimbursements called COVID-19 Cancellation
    • When reimbursing non-employees (students, guests), write "COVID-19 Cancellation" in the comment field on the Non-Employee Travel Voucher (State/RF) or Non-Employee Personal Reimbursement Request
  • Obtain and provide necessary unit approvals and reimbursement request documentation

Commonly Asked Questions

Check back often, as we will add commonly asked questions about travel reimbursements related to COVID-19 concerns. 

Last update: January 11, 2021

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