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All assets purchased with state, Research Foundation (RF) or UB Foundation (UBF) funds become the property of the University at Buffalo. Consult the UB's Managing University Equipment Policy for the exact procedures for all asset management.

UB is required by New York State, SUNY and RF to record assets that have a value greater than $5,000, are not consumable and have a probable life expectancy of one or more years. This includes machinery, vehicles and apparatus.

This does NOT include:

  • Fixed building equipment such as heating, ventilating, plumbing and electrical items.
  • RF equipment costing less than $5,000 and purchased with funds from a sponsor who requires equipment to be inventoried at a lower dollar level.

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  • Nicole Mayer.

    Nicole Mayer

    Asset Management, Financial Management

    Phone: 716-645-4556


  • Valerie Dennis.

    Valerie Dennis

    Asset Management, Card Programs and eProcurement

    Financial Management

    Phone: 716-645-2604


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