Procurement Card (PCard) for Research Foundation Funds

Using a PCard to purchase a variety of non-travel, business-related items reduces time and cost for both you and UB. You purchase directly from suppliers.

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The Procurement Card Program

The Procurement Card (PCard) is the preferred method to purchase non-travel business related items. They function like most other credit cards with state, Research Foundation (RF) or UB Foundation (UBF) program limitations:

  • State PCard is available for purchases up to $4,999
  • RF PCard is available for purchases up to $2,500
  • UBF PCard is availiable for purchases up to $2,500

PCards are issued as credit cards to individuals and are the liability of the university.  Cardholder's personal credit history is not reviewed or affected by issuance of a card.

  • Getting a Research Foundation (RF) Procurement Card (PCard)
    Read and agree to the terms and conditions.  Complete and submit an application for a Research Foundation PCard.
  • How Should I Use My RF PCard?
    All purchases are limited to official use and must be made in a reasonable, rational, cost effective manner. To be allowable and allocable, the purchase must be related to the program purpose or grant.
  • Certify My Monthly RF PCard Statement
    Research Foundation (RF) American Express (Amex) Cardholders are responsible for the monthly reconciliation of their card statements. 

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Valerie Dennis

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