Principal Investigator Responsiblities

Principal Investigators (PIs) have responsibility for the health and safety of the individuals they supervise, for safe management of the laboratories or facilities they operate and for the impacts of their activities on the environment and the health and safety of the public.

PI Responsibilities Include:

  1. Complete the Principal Investigator Checklist and consult/update on a periodic basis to ensure that a strong safety culture in the lab is maintained over time.
  2. Request a Laboratory Door Sign for each or your labs and keep them current.
  3. Develop Standard Operating Procedures for the lab.
  4. Informing new employees about safety and health procedures, rules and regulations specific to their areas and their responsibilities.
  5. Assuring that required equipment and personal protective devices are provided, maintained and used.
  6. Taking prompt action when unsafe acts or conditions are reported or observed.
  7. Insuring that individuals receive safety training as required by their responsibilities.
  8. Promptly investigating and reporting all on-the-job accidents, and/or work related health problems and requesting medical treatment if required.
  9. Coordinating or conducting internal inspections, reviews or audits to assure safe and healthful conditions and compliance with applicable safety and environmental regulations.
  10. Providing or acquiring necessary resources for necessary health and safety equipment, materials and facilities.

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