Using Environment Health & Safety Assistant (EHSA)

Environmental Health & Safety Assistant (EHSA) is a web-based app that allows Principal Investigators and laboratory workers to maintain a chemical inventory, track the training of individuals in the lab, request a pickup of hazardous waste and more.


Only previously authorized users can access EHSA

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Go step-by-step through the process on how to upload your current chemical inventory and then maintain a inventory for your lab.

Video — Using EHSA for Chemical Inventory [3:40]

Tip Sheets

EHSA Building Codes

Building Name Building Code
220 Winspear 220 WIN
Abbot Hall ABBOT
Allen Hall ALLEN
Alumni Arena ALUMNI
Baldy Hall BALDY
Beane Center BEANE
Biomedical Education Building BEB
Bell Hall BELL
Bissell Hall BISSELL
Buffalo Materials Research Center BMRC
Bonner Hall BONNER
Biomedical Research Building BRB
Capen Hall CAPEN
Cary Hall CARY
COE in Bioinformatics & Life Sciences CBLS
Center for the Arts CFA
Computing Center CIT
Clemens Hall CLEMENS
Cooke Hall COOKE
Crofts Hall CROFTS
Clinical and Translational Research Center CTRC
Baker Chilled Water Plant CWP
Davis Hall DAV
Dental Clinic Trailer DCT
Dorsheimer Greenhouse DG
Farber Annex FANNEX
Farber Hall FARBER
Fargo Quadrangle FARGO
Foster Hall FOSTER
Fronczak Hall FRONCZAK
Furnas Hall FURNAS
Harriman Hall HARRIMAN
Hayes Hall HAYES
Hayes Annex B HAYES B
Helm Building HELM
Hochstetter Hall HOCH
Howe Research Building HOWE
Jarvis Hall JARVIS
Ketter Hall KETTER
Kimball Tower KIMBALL
Lockwood Library LOCKWOOD
Millard Fillmore Academic Center MFAC
Michael Hall MICHAEL
Buffalo General Hospital Multi-Lab ML
Natural Science Complex NSC
Park Hall PARK
Parker Hall PARKER
Pharmacy Building PHARM
Porter Quadrangle PORTER
Red Jacket Quadrangle REDJACKET
Research Insitute on Addictions RIA
Service Building SERVICE
Sherman Annex SHERANNEX
Sherman Hall SHERMAN
Spaulding Quadrangle SPAUD
Squire Hall SQUIRE
Student Union STUDUNION
Talbert Hall TALBERT
465 Washington Street WASH
Wilkeson Quadrangle WILKESON

Contact for Questions

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Environment, Health & Safety

Service Building, 220 Winspear Ave.

Phone: 716-829-3301