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Proper personal protective equipment is required in all lab settings when working with hazardous materials.

Determining Proper Protective Equipment

In order to determine what personal protective equipment (PPE) must be worn, OSHA requires a safety assessment be made prior to beginning work. When trying to determine what hazards are associated with a specific chemical, consult the safety data sheet (SDS) for information on those hazards.

Before you put on PPE, always keep the following in mind:

  • Always inspect your PPE for damage. If any rips, tears, holes, etc. are present, discard. If any signs of contamination exist, discard or if applicable arrange for laundering. If there is any doubt, throw it out!
  • Reusable PPE should be cleaned immediately after use with the appropriate cleaner.
  • Disposable PPE should be worn only once.
  • Remove your PPE prior to leaving your lab area. Do not wear PPE such as gloves in the hallway, elevators, etc. This will prevent the spread of contamination.
  • Become familiar with the proper methods for putting on, taking off, and, when applicable, fit-checking PPE.
  • Contact our experts if you are ever unsure as to what proper PPE should be worn when working with hazardous materials

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