Emergency Procedures

Students, faculty and staff should follow emergency procedures to keep themselves safe and free emergency responders to resolve an incident quickly.

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When the Fire Alarm Sounds at UB

The occupants of all University at Buffalo buildings are required to immediately evacuate the building when a fire alarm system is activated. Persons shall not enter the building until advised that it is safe to do so by the University Police after the building has been declared safe by the fire department on location.

Please take a few minutes upon entering a room or facility to note the locations of the nearest emergency exits and your fastest route(s) to safety.

When You Observe a Fire (RACE)

R — Rescue

  • Rescue yourself first
  • Without placing yourself at risk, assist other people from the fire area
  • Notify Emergency Responders of persons in need of assistance in the building

A — Announce

  • Alert everyone in the area of the fire
  • Activate nearest fire alarm pull station
  • From a safe area, call campus police at 716-645-2222 and describe:
    • Type of fire
    • Location of fire
    • Location of people in need of assistance
    • Additional needs

C — Contain

  • Close doors behind you as you exit the building
  • Do not lock the doors

E — Escape

  • Follow exit signs to nearest exit
  • Check doorknobs and door for heat
    • If hot to touch use alternate route
  • If unable to escape, stay where you are, call University Police at 716-645-2222
    • State your location
  • If unable to use your phone, go to a window and gain the attention of a first responder

Report an Emergency

On North, South and Downtown Campuses
  Call 716-645-2222 or
  Use a blue light phone

Off Campus — Call 911

UB Guardian — download the safety app 


Hazardous Materials
Call 716-829-3301

Call 716-645-2227

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