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Policy Information

Date Established: Unknown
Date Last Updated: 7/1/2014
Responsible Office:
University Facilities
Responsible Executive:
Vice President for Finance and Administration

Policy Contents


Damage Control and Recovery

This policy is in effect even though it has not gone through the policy review process.


University Facilities responds to events that result in significant damage to facilities (e.g., fires, floods, long-term power outages) and assesses and controls damages and coordinates restoration.

Policy Statement


  • To assure that initial responses are undertaken to control the extent of damage and to expedite cleanup in a safe and timely fashion.
  • To coordinate multi-unit efforts (e.g., electrical, plumbing, custodial).
  • To work with various staff members who reside in the affected facility and identify an administrative staff member who will serve as a point of contact, in order to coordinate recovery and rehab efforts with University Facilities.
  • Develop and oversee restoration plans.
  • Investigate and document the extent of equipment damage and make funding recommendations for repair or replacement.

University Police and Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) historically have responded to fires and hazmat conditions as soon as they receive word of these conditions. This practice will continue with at least one member of University Police and EHS staff remaining on site until the responsibility of management of the site is transferred to the Director of Facilities Operations.


Director of Facilities Operations (or designee)

  • Coordinate all activities relating to this protocol.  

Environment, Health & Safety, Director of Facilities Operations, University Police

  • Assess the situation to determine if any safety, security or health hazards are present.
  • As a result of this assessment, EHS will determine when other university staff members may enter an area, and what safety precautions should be taken.
  • Make recommendations to the Director of Facilities Operations.  

University Facilities Employees

  • Notify the Director of Facilities Operations as soon as possible when responding to a problem and realizing that the condition falls under the parameters of this protocol.  

Contact Information

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University Facilities 716-645-2028


Policy Revision History
July 2014
Updated the Responsible Executive to reflect the current organizational structure.