Emergency Procedures

Students, faculty and staff should follow emergency procedures to keep themselves safe and free emergency responders to resolve an incident quickly.

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Chemical Spills

Chemical spills can occur on campus at any time and have the potential to cause harmful effects.  

If there is any risk to your health or safety, evacuate the area and contact both UB Police and UB Environment, Health and Safety (UB EH&S); do not attempt to stop or contain the spill yourself.  

  1. When a chemical spill occurs, first evacuate yourself and others from the area. 
  2. Determine the size of the spill. 
  3. If the spill is greater than 1 liter of liquid, it is considered a large spill. You must report it to both UB Police and UB EH&S and they will advise you how to proceed.
  4. If the spill is less than 1 liter of liquid, it is considered a small spill. In this case trained lab personnel can handle the cleanup using a lab spill kit.

Report an Emergency

On North, South and Downtown Campuses
  Call 716-645-2222 or
  Use a blue light phone

Off Campus — Call 911

UB Guardian — download the safety app 


Hazardous Materials
Call 716-829-3301

Call 716-645-2227

Chemical Spill Cleanup Procedure

For Small Spills

  • For a small spill less of than 1 liter of liquid, trained lab personnel can use a lab spill kit to clean it if they feel comfortable doing so. 
  • If a lab spill kit is used to clean the area, when finished place all used cleaning products including spill pads, paper towels and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in a garbage bag for disposal. Attach a hazardous waste label to the garbage bag and contact UB EH&S for pickup and disposal.  UB EH&S will replace the contents of your spill kit at no charge.

For Large Spills

  • For a large spill of more than 1 liter of liquid, report the spill to UB Police and UB EH&S as soon as possible. Give your name, phone number, location, describe the size and type of the spill and notify them of any injuries.
  • As you evacuate the area where the chemical spill occurred, close the door behind you and direct people to the nearest exit. Notify people in adjoining labs and offices about the spill and keep people away from the affected area.
  • When UB Police and UB EH&S arrive, follow their directions. They will advise you if and when it is safe to return to the area.

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