Where to Find Emergency Information

In the event of an emergency, UB will provide information to keep you safe and up-to-date. View announcements at emergency.buffalo.edu, UB's official site for emergency notifications.

During an emergency, emergency.buffalo.edu will post new details as quickly as possible. However it may take time for authorities to determine the facts. Unless it is a true emergency, do not call 911 or UB Police for general information as this will delay their response to the emergency. 

Only call University Police or 911 if it is a true emergency. Calling for general purposes takes resources away from their ability to manage the emergency.

UB Alert

Subscribe to UB Alert to receive quick and accurate information in email or on your cellphone. Use your UBITName and password to subscribe, but select the email account or phone service you would like to receive messages.

Other Sources For Emergency Information

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