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News Releases


UB students, faculty and staff will join forces with community members who live around the UB South and Downtown campuses to make their neighborhoods a bit brighter as part of UB Community Day, Oct. 1.


The popular comedian and television star will perform at the Center for the Arts on Friday, October 28th.


Using her diagnosis of Crohn’s disease as inspiration and fecal matter as the medium, UB biological art resident Kathy High will convert the tiny organisms that live inside our guts into a microbial coat of arms for various families.


UB Theatre & Dance presents the student dance company's 43rd fall season -- October 19-23. Directed by Kerry Ring.


Faculty Experts


Xiaozhong Wen

Assistant Professor of Pediatrics

Expertise: diet and health in infants and young children, origins of obesity, smoking cessation during pregnancy

Phone: 716-829-6811



Diana Aga

Professor of Chemistry

Expertise: industrial pollution; Great Lakes pollution; emerging contaminants including pharmaceuticals, nanomaterials and flame retardants; wastewater treatment; antibiotic resistance

Phone: 716-645-4220



UB in the News


Athena Mutua is quoted in Vox about the power of police shooting videos.


Ken Dauber and David Fertig weigh in on the impact of the digital age on punctuation in USA Today.


The Buffalo News posted a photo gallery of Hayes Hall to coincide with the building's reopening ceremony.


James Campbell tells ABC News recent bombings in New York and New Jersey will help Trump and hurt Clinton.

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