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Stakeholders from across the region met at a 3-day workshop in Buffalo this week.


DellaContrada, who brings over 30 years of higher education communications experience, had been serving in interim capacity since September 2018.


The effort is part of UB’s continuing community building efforts around South Campus.


Membrane-less organelles, found inside human cells, have a variety of important biological functions, from gene regulation to stress response.


Faculty Experts


Kemper E. Lewis

Professor and Chair of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Expertise: advanced manufacturing, mass customization, engineering design

Phone: 716-645-2682



Mark Bartholomew

Professor of Law

Expertise: intellectual property, copyright, trademarks, cyber law, cybersecurity bills (such as SOPA and CISPA), net neutrality, advertising law

Phone: 716-645-5959



UB in the News


An article on Yahoo News features graduate student Hector Chaidez Ruacho, who was chosen for the Bernie Sanders Summer School, a campaign-led boot camp aimed at teaching Sanders supporters the basics in campus organizing. 


A story in CNN on the first Icelandic glacier lost to climate change interviews Jason Briner, who said a world without glaciers would threaten water supplies and potentially have devastating effects. 


New Atlas, a popular science and tech news outlet, quotes Qiaoqiang Gan, in a story about a new material that could be used to create road signs that change color when reflecting light at night. 


A story on NBC News interviewed Victor Albert about new research that sequenced the avocado genome. 

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