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Henderson is an educator, director and award-winning television, Broadway and off-Broadway actor.


The question “Who rules big data?” and how these information technologies change our understanding and application of the law is the subject of the University at Buffalo’s annual Mitchell Lecture.


A UB graduate student is studying crested black macaques with a grant from the Leakey Foundation, which has backed the work of primatologists like Jane Goodall.


Laura Perna, a nationally recognized authority on higher education achievement, will speak at UB on March 30.

UB in the News


UB researcher finds we actually trust people more as we age.


UB psychologist Wendy Quinton quoted in opinion piece on the continuing controversy over the name.


The unique design of the masony stove provides efficient heat by turning the flue on its side.


For Casey Bunce, the only cure for March Madness is more cowbell.

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