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For singers and their audiences, being “in tune” might not be as important as we think. The fact that singers fail to consistently hit the right notes may have implications for the development of musical scales as well.


Power imbalances in heterosexual relationships are common, but having less power takes a greater toll on young women than young men, according to a recently published UB study.


Contrary to prevailing thought, the work suggests that there were at least two, if not more, waves of people entering South America.


An MBA student-led workshop helped high school students develop leadership and team skills.


Faculty Experts


Trina Hamilton

Associate Professor of Geography

Expertise: corporate responsibility, social and environmental activism, diamond trade, gentrification

Phone: 716-645-0482



James Coleman Battista

Associate Professor of Political Science

Expertise: national, state and legislative politics  

Phone: 716-645-8438



UB in the News


The New York Times looks at communities, such as Buffalo, that have benefited from an influx of refugees, and interviews Mohsen Daghooghi, an Iranian student who rejects the president's suggestion that he or other Iranian students are dangerous.


An article in Politico Magazine about UB alumnus Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, who was elected president of his native country, quotes Don Grinde who said they discussed the different models of democratic governance, warlordism and religious extremism.


David Schmid tells USA Today that it is not unusual for the president to have a hostile relationship with the press. But Trump's description of the press is unprecedented, he says.


NPR's Marketplace looks at why the NBA, its players, coaches and owners are speaking out more on national political issues these days and speaks with Nellie Drew.

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