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UB Dance students perform innovative works by UB faculty and guest choreographers March 1-5 at the Center for the Arts


PhD pitch competition seeks to help researchers communicate their work to others.


Researchers are creating software to ‘clean’ large datasets, making it easier for scientists and the public to use big data.


Study finds one compressed stent is sometimes more effective than two overlapping stents.


Faculty Experts


Richard Salvi

SUNY Distinguished Professor of Communicative Disorders and Sciences

Expertise: tinnitus, hearing, noise-induced hearing loss, hyperacusis, central auditory system

Phone: 716-829-5310



Mark Bartholomew

Professor of Law

Expertise: intellectual property, copyright, trademarks, cyber law, cybersecurity bills (such as SOPA and CISPA), net neutrality, advertising law

Phone: 716-645-5959



UB in the News


David Schmid tells USA Today that it is not unusual for the president to have a hostile relationship with the press. But Trump's description of the press is unprecedented, he says.


NPR's Marketplace looks at why the NBA, its players, coaches and owners are speaking out more on national political issues these days and speaks with Nellie Drew.


Robert Adelman is interviewed in Mic about his research that shows immigrants don't increase crime. In fact, immigrants reduce crime rates.


The Washington Post interviews Carole Emberton, who says the party line of the 1860s and 1870s are not the party lines of today.

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