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Officers who responded showed PTSD symptoms six years after the hurricane, according to a study by UB's John Violanti.


New students at UB took part in a popular annual tradition Friday afternoon as part of Opening Weekend 2015: creating a human interlocking UB logo.


Public shows “considerable lack of knowledge” about the risk associated with different types of tobacco products, UB researchers say


A UB architectural historian's new book illuminates how propagandists used lifestyle stories to soften Hitler’s image prior to World War II.


Faculty Experts


Joseph A. Gardella Jr.

SUNY Distinguished Professor of Chemistry

Expertise: industrial pollution; hazardous waste; surface chemistry of plastics; controlled release of pharmaceuticals; wound healing; tissue engineering; STEM education

Phone: 716-645-1499



R. Lorraine Collins

Professor of Community Health and Health Behavior

Expertise: substance abuse, malt liquor and marijuana use, drinking restraint, smoking, women's issues

Phone: 716-829-6951



UB in the News


By making this costume, says UB's Jonathan Katz, there's a real danger that a serious issue is trivialized.


The tech industry is a barometer of economic innovation, says UB's Cristian Tiu, and therefore its success is an indicator of general economic success.


UB's Michelle Benson says it's tough to know how credible any agreement with North Korea is given the history of their leader.


UB's Nellie Drew says that the argument could be made that certain college football programs are employment relationships.

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