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The innovative entrepreneurial program pays eight student-led technology startups to further their respective businesses.


This week’s Supreme Court ruling affirming nationwide tax credits for mandatory insurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act preserves access to affordable health insurance in all 50 states and will help narrow the health outcomes gap between lower- and higher-income Americans.


The main battle over same-sex couples' right to marry is over, says UB's Michael Boucai.


The nation’s two most prominent philosophers of medicine will present their divergent views of health, disease and grieving as part of a three-day conference on bioethics and the philosophy of medicine to be held at UB.


Faculty Experts


Ming Ming Chiu

Professor of Learning and Instruction

Expertise: classroom conversations, parent-child conversations, group work, international comparisons of students, corruption in the music industry, statistical analyses in education


Alan Rabideau

Professor of Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering

Expertise: pollution, groundwater contamination, radioactive and hazardous waste management, mathematical modeling


UB in the News


UB's Mark Kristal, who has studied placenta-eating among animals for decades, discusses why humans have evolved away from it.


The victory could pose challenges for artists dealing with gay and lesbian themes, says UB's Jonathan Katz, as sexuality will no longer be the motive force.


While there will still be legal challenges and political moves to alter the law, the structure of the Affordable Care Act will remain, says UB's Nancy Nielsen.


UB's Changxu Sean Wu looks into reasons behind why so many cyclists blow through red lights, and finds the probability is higher when the rider is alone.

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