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What would you consider to be the Top 10 books that a college student should read? UB English professor Ken Dauber has an answer.


UB-led team awarded grant to insert palladium nanoparticles into a membrane that removes greenhouse gases from the fossil fuel.


The decision by a federal judge to overturn New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady’s four-game suspension for deflating footballs is “highly unusual, especially within the NFL’s collective bargaining context,” according to UB's Nellie Drew.


It’s one thing to just cook food. But if it just ends there, the whole experience falls flat. The real meaningful and lasting food experiences come when you plug into the relationship with the people doing the eating. That’s when the possibilities start to blossom.


Faculty Experts


Gary A. Giovino

Professor and Chair of Community Health and Health Behavior

Expertise: tobacco use, risk factors for nicotine addiction, smoking cessation, effect of exercise and nutrition on smoking cessation

Phone: 716-829-6953



Avto Kharchilava

Associate Professor of Physics

Expertise: Higgs boson search, particle detectors, phenomena beyond the Standard Model

Phone: 716-645-6251



UB in the News


If students sign up and take their academics seriously, they'll finish in four years or we'll pay tuition for any additional courses, says UB's Andrew Stott.


The human logo symbolizes, for each student, joining together as part of the UB community, says UB's Dennis Black.


UB's Despina Stratigakos recounts how Hitler's inner circle worked to reinvent his image from a solitary oddball to a statesman in her new book, "Hitler at Home."


By making this costume, says UB's Jonathan Katz, there's a real danger that a serious issue is trivialized.

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