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New research by a UB psychologist is using smartphones to repeatedly and frequently measure symptoms of anxiety and depression, in real time, to learn how immediate feelings relate to later symptoms.


UB scores highly in sustainability research, diversity and affordability in the latest STARS report.


University at Buffalo researchers have developed a tool that lets medical professionals analyze images without engineering expertise. 


The University at Buffalo Center for Integrated Global Biomedical Sciences (CIGBS) has established a new team of researchers and business leaders to advance the health initiatives of low- and middle-income countries through academic research and capacity-building programs.


Faculty Experts


­­Noemi Waight

Associate Professor of Learning and Instruction

Expertise: technology in education, science teaching, inquiry-based teaching approaches

Phone: 716-645-4045



Tracy K. P. Gregg

Associate Professor of Geology

Expertise: volcanology, volcanoes on Mars and Venus, the search for water on Mars, volcanism on the moon, deep-sea eruptions, basaltic lava flows

Phone: 716-645-4328



UB in the News


Fox News interviewed professor John Crassidis about an order by President Trump directing the Department of Defense to draft legislation creating a so-called Space Force within the U.S. Air Force.


Mark Bartholomew spoke to MarketWatch about the ill-fated Canada Dry’s “Made from Real Ginger” ginger ale campaign aimed at wooing health-conscious customers, forcing the company to pay $11.2 million to settle claims that it misled consumers.


Professor Jeremy Finn spoke to the Associated Press about the shootings one year ago in Parkland, Florida, and subsequent efforts to prepare for school shootings.


An article on CNBC about proposals that would increase taxes on the wealthiest families in the country interviews Matthew Dimick, professor of law. 


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