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Public health professor is constantly on the lookout for new technology to use in her classes, and regularly surveys her students to gauge its effectiveness.


The UB Center for Dental Studies performs scientific and clinical studies for new products by companies around the world, from Colgate-Palmolive to Western New York startups. 


Women are one of a number of historically underrepresented groups in STEM fields and programs such as CSExplore are working to reverse that trend.


UB researchers’ insights into a target that succeeded in animals but failed in humans reveal a new paradigm for screening Alzheimer’s drugs.


Faculty Experts


Chris S. Renschler

Associate Professor of Geography

Expertise: flooding, soil erosion, watersheds, hurricanes, radioactive fallout, disaster preparedness and response, natural resources management, GIS

Phone: 716-645-0480



Mary Bush

Associate Professor of Restorative Dentistry

Expertise: forensic dentistry, bite mark analysis, victim identification

Phone: 716-829-2862



UB in the News


An article on Salon interviewed Nicholas Rajkovich about research that looked at 520 major cities around the world and calculated which ones were expected to experience a climate more similar to another region by 2050.


An article in The Washington Post about how to feed kids without resorting to “kid” food interviews Stephanie Anzman-Frasca.“We are born with a predisposition to accept sweet and reject bitter tastes, but children’s food preferences are malleable from there,” she said.


An article in The Conversation by Victoria Wolcott, looks at the forgotten history of segregated swimming pools and amusement parks. 


An article on City & State featured Mark Bartholomew who discussed a probe announced by Gov. Andrew Cuomo into claims that Facebook’s advertising platform allowed state-regulated advertisers to discriminate against users based on race, national origin, religion and other classifications.

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