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The optics advancement may solve an approaching data bottleneck by helping to boost computing power and information transfer rates tenfold.


Counterfeit drugs, spoiled pills and unsupervised treatments are a few of the risks of using online pharmacies, says UB pharmacy practice expert Karl Fiebelkorn.


Research will focus on chalcogenide perovskites — materials with promising qualities for harvesting solar energy.


The Buffalo Institute for Genomics and Data Analytics today announced a contract with Garwood Medical Devices LLC that will create 40 new jobs in five years.


Faculty Experts


Elizabeth "Libby" Otto

Executive Director of UB's Humanities Institute

Expertise: the Bauhaus, history of photography, European and American Art, visual culture, theories of montage, gender issues, art and religion

Phone: 716-645-5334



Jeremy D. Finn

SUNY Distinguished Professor of Counseling, School and Educational Psychology, and Educational Leadership and Policy

Expertise: class size, student engagement, drop-out prevention, at-risk students, student suspensions, school security measures, quantitative methods to study K-12 policy issues

Phone: 716-645-1126



UB in the News


James Campbell discusses Hillary Clinton's pivotal moment tonight at the DNC with ABC News.


Tamara Thornton tells The Washington Post we get interested in cursive when we feel that our morals are in a state of decline.


Arun Vishwanath explores the evolving role of WikiLeaks in Politico and says it's shifting toward playing politics.


MSN interviews Robert Silverman who says declining cities have neighborhoods where there's not enough housing to go around.

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