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Researchers' aim was to determine the effect of a person’s blood lipids on the major arteries outside the skull.


Technology called MindEye uses infrared camera to detect subtle changes in pupil dilation and eye movement.


The UB School of Dental Medicine will welcome hundreds of Western New York children who lack access to dental care to receive free oral health care, hearing and vision exams, and other health services. 


IRS-certified accounting students will again provide free tax preparation services to individuals and families with annual incomes below $56,000.


UB researcher’s background in computer modeling made his pioneering advancement of combining existing approaches seem obvious, a “chocolate and peanut butter moment.”


Writing in the New England Journal of Medicine, researchers identify vitamin E acetate as likely culprit.


The proposed new department will anchor an expansive Indigenous Research Center and will serve as a “home-hub” for broader indigenous inclusion.


The appointment, which comes after an international search, is effective immediately.