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Inspired by bird and insect behavior, engineers create software designed to enable teams of common UAVs to work together.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — The skin cells of four adults with schizophrenia have provided an unprecedented “window” into how the disease began while they were still in the womb, according to a recent paper in Schizophrenia Research.

For singers and their audiences, being “in tune” might not be as important as we think. The fact that singers fail to consistently hit the right notes may have implications for the development of musical scales as well.


Power imbalances in heterosexual relationships are common, but having less power takes a greater toll on young women than young men, according to a recently published UB study.


Contrary to prevailing thought, the work suggests that there were at least two, if not more, waves of people entering South America.


An MBA student-led workshop helped high school students develop leadership and team skills.


A UB professor of nuclear medicine predicts that nuclear neurology will become as important to neuroscience as nuclear cardiology has been to cardiology.


The emergence of fake news has complicated the media market in ways that few observers anticipated and “reality literacy” is among the skills necessary to navigate toward the truth, according to UB's David Castillo.


UB Dance students perform innovative works by UB faculty and guest choreographers March 1-5 at the Center for the Arts


PhD pitch competition seeks to help researchers communicate their work to others.