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A study that describes Earth’s activity under the Greenland Ice Sheet is a valuable contribution to climate science, UB's Beata Csatho says.


Stale evidence, unavailable witnesses and time make this difficult for the state, says UB's Charles Ewing.


The root of the problem is a domestic discourse of violence against queer people in this country, says Jonathan Katz.


The public is enraged when a gorilla is killed at a zoo, but much less so when one is killed in the wild, says Irus Braverman.


Media outlets will now think twice before publishing sensational or sexual content, Samantha Barbas says.


Though a different model, Facebook should be held to same standard as traditional media, says Mark Bartholomew.


"I think the new regulations will pose problems for smaller businesses that make e-cigarettes. These companies likely will not have the resources to deliver all the information the FDA is asking for," says UB tobacco expert Gary Giovino.


Second Circuit's ruling reinforces Roger Goodell's authority to discipline players, Nellie Drew says.


More than just Broadway musical makes Hamilton worthy of the $10 bill, says Kari Winter.


There are many unknowns related to changing climate that make it difficult to predict future water level conditions.

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