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The U.S. has reopened its embassy in Havana. And that will be of great benefit to Cuba, says UB's Henry Louis Taylor Jr.


It was surprising to hear President Barack Obama was the first sitting president to visit a prison, says UB's Teresa Miller.


To make Pluto a planet again, says UB's Dejan Stojkovic, the definition of a planet would have to be re-evaluated.


It's not surprising that the media and the public are so interested in Quaaludes after Bill Cosby put the drug back in the spotlight, says UB's David Herzberg.


Processes that have been considered effective in prisons before will be re-evaluated after the latest escape, says UB's Teresa Miller.


This week’s Supreme Court ruling affirming nationwide tax credits for mandatory insurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act preserves access to affordable health insurance in all 50 states and will help narrow the health outcomes gap between lower- and higher-income Americans.


The main battle over same-sex couples' right to marry is over, says UB's Michael Boucai.


This could be the end of serious legal attacks on Obamacare, says UB's Nancy Nielsen.


The flag represents a Confederate nation founded on the premise that 'the black man is not equal to the white man,' says UB's Carole Emberton.


Having survivors re-live what they just went through increases the likelihood that they will have more issues down the road, says Steven Dubovsky.