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Faculty Experts

University at Buffalo faculty experts can provide commentary and analysis on topics in the news. For help finding a faculty expert, contact UB Media Relations at 716-645-6969 or

Expert Tip Sheets:


The refugee screening process is already largely effective, says Hilary Weaver.


Experts can discuss topics that range from refugees to the impact on the psyche.


People are advocating for medical marijuana for less than pure reasons, says UB's Edward Bednarczyk. It needs to be studied.


Former U.S. House speaker Dennis Hastert is likely to get prison time, says UB's Anthony O'Rourke.


Justin Trudeau understands how important the U.S.-Canada relationship is, UB experts say, and he is eager to re-establish it.


With Biden out of the election, the nomination is Hillary Clinton's to lose, says UB political scientists.


The importance of a federal appeals court ruling that NCAA restrictions against paying college athletes violates anti-trust laws “cannot be overstated,” according to a UB sports law expert.


UB corporate responsibility expert Trina Hamilton, who bought one of the cars that VW plans to recall, weighs in on what we can learn from the company’s deception.


Women get more scrutiny when trying to attain high-level leadership or political roles because as a society we have gender stereotypes, says UB's Emily Grijalva.


Unless the infrastructure is built to support refugees, President Obama's plan is not going to work, says UB's Hilary Weaver.