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Geologists could map the rock face beneath the falls to study erosion since 1969, when the falls last went dry.


The real winner in Iowa was Marco Rubio, says UB's Jacob Neiheisel. And he is likely to have success in New Hampshire, too.


There are a lot of other alternatives when it comes to microcephaly, says UB's Jared Aldstadt.


The Ted Cruz campaign points to research from UB's James Campbell that looks at the impact of swing voters.


What's happening in Flint is similar to what happened in New Orleans with Hurricane Katrina and in Ferguson, Missouri, says UB's Henry Louis Taylor Jr.


States should take advantage of the flexibility they have to adopt different legal purchasing ages, Lynn Kozlowski writes in the current issue of Issues in Science and Technology.


1 in 292 million? So what. Even risk-averse humans are swept-up in Powerball, a UB psychologist says.


You’re 25 times more likely to become president than to win the jackpot, a UB biostatistician says. But unbelievably rare things happen every day.


Medical benefits exist for medical marijuana, but rigorous testing is needed, UB experts say.


Criticism from the opposite party, or media, creates a backlash effect, says UB's Jacob Neiheisel.