UB in the News


An article in The Washington Post about how to feed kids without resorting to “kid” food interviews Stephanie Anzman-Frasca.“We are born with a predisposition to accept sweet and reject bitter tastes, but children’s food preferences are malleable from there,” she said.


An article in The Conversation by Victoria Wolcott, looks at the forgotten history of segregated swimming pools and amusement parks. 


An article on City & State featured Mark Bartholomew who discussed a probe announced by Gov. Andrew Cuomo into claims that Facebook’s advertising platform allowed state-regulated advertisers to discriminate against users based on race, national origin, religion and other classifications.


An article in TIME Magazine interviews Melanie Sage about the Indian Child Welfare Act and the complexities of foster care and adoption among Native American families.


An article on Bustle about how the rainbow flag became the symbol of LGBTQ pride interviews Jonathan Katz, about the role of Gilbert Baker in creation of the flag in 1978. 



An article in USA Today inteviewed Gretchen Ely about the increase in more restrictive abortion legislation in the U.S. and the growing number of women who are reaching out to Aid Access, an online organization that offers abortion pills internationally.


An article in The Washington Post interviewed James Battista about the landmark session of the New York State legislature that has produced some of the nation’s most far-reaching liberal policies, demonstrating the strength of the left wing after the Democratic Party gained full control of state government for the first time in more than a decade.


The New York Times and CNN are among news outlets around the world that continue to report on the research of paleontologist Jack Tseng, whose team identified the first hyena fossils ever found in the Arctic. 


An article on Vice interviewed Elizabeth Bowen about an abandoned Miami Beach hotel that became a refuge for the area’s homeless population and the crackdown on nuisance crimes in a city that has America’s highest number of resident billionaires and more than 14 percent of its population living in poverty.


A story on BBC News about how modern life is transforming the human skeleton interviews Noreen von Cramon-Taubadel, about her research to find out if it was possible to tell where an individual was from by looking at the shape of their skulls.