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According to a UB study, children who are allowed to drink at home are less likely to experience problems with alcohol abuse if they come from an "intact family."


The benefits of chewing gum -- boosting mood and alertness -- may not include reaching for healthy foods, according to UB's Jennifer Temple.


The Bills have started the season facing a few teams on extra rest -- an inequity UB researchers have dug into when it comes to the NFL scheduling process.


UB's Nellie Drew weighs in on a ruling that states NCAA policies that restrict payments to college athletes violate antitrust laws.


"If there is one thing I have learned thus far, it is this: For questions about what it takes to keep a sick, hospitalized patient alive, ask a nurse," says third-year UB medical student Greg Roloff.


UB's Despina Stratigakos recounts how Hitler's inner circle worked to reinvent his image from a solitary oddball to a statesman of fine taste.


Singh, a leader in the Sikh religion, participated in the interfaith service with Pope Francis at the 9/11 Memorial.


"If you bought this as a signal of your environmental commitment, that is tarnished. I feel kind of conspicuous driving it now," says UB's Trina Hamilton.


UB's Hilary Weaver says we need to look at what refugees need beyond the resettlement period.


Psychological interventions have been developed for binge eating problems, says UB's Myles Faith.

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