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Nicole Hallet writes in The Conversation that the end of the labor movement could be at stake.


Tracy Gregg says that it's unlikely that a bomb would trigger a volcano to erupt in an interview with Vice's Motherboard.


M. Amin Karami talks to The Scientist about his work developing a pacemaker that harnesses kinetic energy from a patient’s heart beat.


John Violanti says that police officers on the afternoon shift are twice as likely to report being tired in an interview with the Daily Mail.


Rick Su talks to The Atlantic about the Trump administration's pull back on an executive order that punished sanctuary cities.


Thomas Russo and John Crane say foods that don't undergo proper processing are at an increased risk of causing botulism in an interview with Self.


John Leddy tells The New York Times that the brain benefits from movement and exercise, including after a concussion.


NPR's Here and Now explores the dangers of caffeine and speaks with Kathleen Miller.


Kathleen Miller tells The Washington Post that caffeine is toxic enough to cause seizures, mania, hallucinations and even strokes in some people.


Samantha Barbas tells The New York Times it is unclear whether a court would deem the sex-change allegation a defamatory statement.