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Charles Ewing, SUNY Distinguished Service Professor in the UB Law School, weighs in on what should happen to the man who shot President Ronald Regan and was found not guilty by reason of insanity. 


The best evidence to date shows that using e-cigarettes very dramatically less dangerous than cigarette smoking, says UB's Lynn Kozlowski.


UB's Matthew Xu-Friedman explains why people who live in noisy environments don't seem to mind it as much as those who might be visitng.


Dieting is difficult. One reason, according to UB's Marc Kiviniemi, is because people make plans to change what they eat based on what they think, rather than how they feel.


Prolonged exposure to noise can change the behavior and structure of cells that transmit information from the ear to the brain, according to UB's Matthew Xu-Friedman.


Naked short selling, which was given a share of blame for the failure of Lehman Brothers in 2008, might not be the cause of problems at companies, says research by Veljko Fotak of the UB School of Management.


Giving can help more than just others according to UB psychologist Michael Poulin. He found a link between giving and having a lower risk of early death.


The largest construction project in UB's 167-year history will foster collaboration and provide 'advanced, sophisticated educational facilities,' according to Michael E. Cain, UB vice president for health sciences and medical school dean.


Matthew Grizzard, UB assistant professor of communication, proposes the use of ultra-violent videogames to beat bigotry on the season premiere of Through the Wormhole.


People are more trusting as they age, which, in turn, carries a number of benefits for their well-being, according to research from UB.

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