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UB's Changxu Sean Wu looks into reasons behind why so many cyclists blow through red lights, and finds the probability is higher when the rider is alone.


While there will still be legal challenges and political moves to alter the law, the structure of the Affordable Care Act will remain, says UB's Nancy Nielsen.


For Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, the only hope is to have other candidates drop out, says UB's James Campbell, and then do something to stand out from the pack.


UB's Luis Colon on meeting President Barack Obama: "Did this really happen?"


It's not realistic for the government to stop using contractors, says UB's Arun Vishwanath. But the risk is if they get hacked, the government gets hacked.


UB's Charles Ewing sheds light on the stress the escape of two prisoners is putting on Andrew Wylie, the Clinton County district attorney.


The Charleston community must support one another, says UB's post-traumatic stress expert Steven Dubovsky.


The liberties prisoners are accustomed to are now suspended after two prisoners escaped from the Clinton Correctional Facility, says UB's Teresa Miller.


James Campbell, UB professor of political science, says there is an emerging top tier in the crowded Republican field.


Information isn't lost once it enters a black hole, says Dejan Stojkovic, UB professor of physics, it doesn't just disappear.

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