UB in the News


An article in Science magazine about pediatric cancer survivors, who survived treatment only to be diagnosed later with grave aftereffects interviews UB resercher Steven Lipshultz.


The Chronicle of Higher Education quotes UB researcher Lois Weis on how status anxiety – fears of losing one’s position in a social class – may have motivated parents involved in the recent college admissions-bribery scandal.


Psychology Today talked to Michael Poulin about how high stress usually predicts a shorter life. Poulin's research shows that this was not the case for those who engaged in volunteering.


Bustle talks to James Gardner over whether politicians can run for president and another political office at the same time.


An article on Science Daily reports on new research co-authored by Z. Jack Tseng, that examines the oddly shaped skull of an extinct weasel called Leptarctus primus. 


MSN interviewed Lucinda Finley about an Idaho couple that is suing Planned Parenthood for the cost of raising their child after a medication abortion was unsuccessful.


Fox News interviewed professor John Crassidis about an order by President Trump directing the Department of Defense to draft legislation creating a so-called Space Force within the U.S. Air Force.


Mark Bartholomew spoke to MarketWatch about the ill-fated Canada Dry’s “Made from Real Ginger” ginger ale campaign aimed at wooing health-conscious customers, forcing the company to pay $11.2 million to settle claims that it misled consumers.


Professor Jeremy Finn spoke to the Associated Press about the shootings one year ago in Parkland, Florida, and subsequent efforts to prepare for school shootings.


An article on CNBC about proposals that would increase taxes on the wealthiest families in the country interviews Matthew Dimick, professor of law.