UB senior Jeremy Harris has earned the nickname "Mr. March" for his elevated level of play in the postseason.


Boisterous fans make the Bulls feel right at home as they defeat Arizona State to move into the Round of 32.


For one Bulls fan, her loyalty to the teams trumps a trip to Iceland.


Friday's hard-fought victory sends the women's basketball team into a second-round matchup against second-seed UConn.


UB medical students in the Class of 2019 learned where they will train in residency at Match Day, a rite of passage for prospective physicians.


New York’s “Stay Awake, Stay Alive” campaign made an impression during a recent visit to a UB public health class.


UB athletics is no longer an afterthought. It’s part of the national conversation.


Past NCAA Tournament success helps the UB women's basketball team create a mindset for the future.


Veteran broadcasters Josh Whetzel and Paul Peck are the eyes and ears of Bulls fans who can't get to the games.


The UB study examined 190,000 patients over 15 years and found that acid reflux drugs increase the risk of kidney disease by 20 percent.


New research led by biologist Omer Gokcumen uncovers a complex story that hints at how adaptable — yet delicate — humans are as a species.


The School of Law's Center for the Advancement of Sport will train lawyers for the sports industry and promote interdisciplinary research.

Walk to victory

Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown joins the fun as the UB community sends the men's and women's basketball teams off to their first-round games in the NCAA Tournament on Friday. Photos: Meredith Forrest Kulwicki and Paul Hokanson

Published March 19, 2019

UB Students and Faculty Design Theatre Exhibits for an International Stage: Prague Quadrennial

Building experience

UB faculty, staff and theatre students built the U.S. entry in the 2019 Prague Quadrennial, the global showcase for the best in performance design, scenography and theater architecture.

Tundra swans (large white birds in the foreground) stop by Lake LaSalle.

Tundra swans, the white birds in the foreground, join a flock of Canada geese on Lake LaSalle near Baird Point. Photo: Douglas Levere

Published March 21, 2019

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