Name, Image and Likeness Activities Policy Announced

UB Seal on Crosby Hall.

Published March 26, 2024

The Name, Image and Likeness Activities Policy, approved and signed by President Tripathi, is available in the University Policy Library



The University at Buffalo is committed to maintaining the highest standards of compliance in the operation of its intercollegiate athletics program, including but not limited to adhering to the rules governing name, image, and likeness (NIL) activities. UB student-athletes may enter into agreements and engage in activities with external parties that provide compensation in exchange for use of their NIL, subject to the requirements of this policy. NIL arrangements must not conflict with the intercollegiate athletics program, including team activities. Permissible forms of compensation include any form of currency, services, in-kind contributions, item(s) of value, or other forms of payment. 


This policy applies to UB student-athletes who have eligibility remaining in their sport and covers the entire range of NIL activities, including but not limited to advertisements, affiliate sales, appearances, endorsements, crowdfunding, autograph sessions, sport camps, individual businesses, and entrepreneurial activity.

This policy is specific to the prospective or current student-athlete’s relationship with UB and their NCAA eligibility. 


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