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Revenue deposits into Non-Sponsored accounts may be initiated at any point during the duration of the project. Most deposits arrive in two forms, checks and wires.

Best Practices

University at Buffalo (UB, university) departments that handle cash and cash equivalents must have both an awareness of and commitment to strong internal controls. Internal controls encourage good stewardship, safeguard assets, promote accurate financial reporting, prevent mishandling and loss of funds, and protect employees from allegations of impropriety. University departments that collect cash and cash equivalents are responsible for implementing strong internal controls.

The university's preferred method for receiving payments is via the ePay process, collection through a student account for student-related charges, electronic funds transfer (EFT), and credit or debit cards.

Department Staff

  • Follow the established cash receipts procedures located below and in accordance with the Safeguarding Cash and Cash Equivalents Policy.
  • Safeguard all un-deposited cash receipts by keeping them in a locking safe or lockbox.
  • Record cash and checks immediately using pre-numbered receipts, cash registers, or pre-numbered event tickets.
  • Restrictively endorse all checks and money orders immediately.
  • Forward cash and check receipts daily to Finance Office for deposit into appropriate account.
  • Examine appropriate denominations of currency received for possible counterfeits.
  • Process refunds through Financial Management; do not make refunds from cash receipts.
  • Perform cash receipts reconciliations as designated by departmental management.

Department Managers

  • Establish and document departmental cash handling procedures and responsibilities.
  • Ensure staff has an understanding of cash handling procedures and their responsibilities.
  • Maintain segregation of duties.
  • Safeguard cash against loss, theft, or misappropriation.
  • Ensure that cash and checks are routed daily to Finance Office for deposit into appropriate account.
  • Request approval from Financial Management when:
    • It is not feasible to deposit cash and checks daily.
    • Cash and checks must be held overnight.
  • Define and document cash reconciliation procedures and designate staff to perform reconciliations on a regular, timely basis.


Ensure that a check, cash handling procedure is in place in accordance with the Safeguarding Cash and Cash Equivalents Policy.

Please complete a deposit transmittal form and forward to:

Financial Management
418 Crofts Hall
North Campus

If wire or electronic information is sent to the vendor, please notify the Non-Sponsored Group of the pending deposit. This information can be forwarded to the appropriate personnel to watch for the funding. This ensures that the funding will be properly identified and applied to the account without delay.

All external funding will be assessed a General University Service Fee (GUSF).

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