Procedures for Non-Sponsored Research Foundation (RF) Accounts

Learn how to to manage your Non-Sponsored funds.

  • Maintain Account Budgets
    Learn about how to maintain the different types of Non-Sponsored accounts:
  • Transfer Expenditures for RF Non Sponsored Funds
    Learn the different ways to transfer expenditures: 
  • Using Reserve Funds
    Learn about the steps necessary to use reserve funds in effectively planning for the future.
  • Deposit Revenue and Cash
    Revenue deposits into Non-Sponsored accounts may be initiated at any point during the duration of the project. Most deposits arrive in two forms, checks and wires.
  • Reimburse Individuals
    Reimbursements with Non-Sponsored Research funds are paid to UB employees and non-employees who have incurred travel expenses or purchased business-related goods with out-of-pocket funds on behalf of the university.
  • Independent Contractor
    An independent contractor is a person who is contracted to perform services without having the legal status of an employee. Requests for these services using sponsored and non-sponsored Research Foundation (RF) funds are submitted through Research Foundation Human Resources to determine classification as an independent contractor.  Payment for independent contractors is processed through the ShopBlue e-Procurement System.

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