Transfer Expenditures for RF Non Sponsored Funds

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Learn the different ways to transfer expenditures: 

  • Between research accounts
  • To another funding source

Expenses between Two Non-Sponsored Accounts

Transferring expenses between two Non-Sponsored accounts is typically done to alleviate a deficit, or charge, or partially charge, expenses to another unit. When possible, expenses should be moved at the source level, meaning the original payment charged to a specific account(s) should be moved from the original invoice or PO to the new project. Payroll expenses should also be moved in a similar fashion, via a labor distribution adjustment, moving the source charge to the modified account(s).

Other than Personal Service Transactions

Requests to transfer OTPS transactions must be made to the Non-Sponsored Group by completing an interdepartmental invoice (idi) and submitting via email. 

The email must be from an authorized signer on the account being charged.

Payroll Transactions

Payroll transactions can be moved one of two ways:

  • Completing a labor distribution form 
  • Completing an electronic personnell transfer (ePTF) form

Between a Non-Sponsored Account(s) and a Sponsored Account(s):

Please contact Sponsored Projects Services (SPS) for further assistance at 716-645-2634.

Between a Non-Sponsored Account(s) to Another Funding Source

In accordance with applicable guidelines, the following criteria must be met when transferring expenditures or payments from one funding source to another:

  • The charge must only be for payments for services rendered.
  • An invoice must be created by the service center and sent to the department/unit being charged.
  • If the service provider frequently provides the service, their rates must be approved by Financial Management.
  • RF purchasing guidelines must be followed when paying for services with RF funds.
  • Billings must be completed in a timely manner; they cannot be used to “catch up” on prior fiscal year billings.

Due to State purchasing guidelines the transferring of expenses from a Non-Sponsored RF or UBF account to a State account is not permitted.

For all other funding sources an eReq must be completed indicating the payee as the vendor.

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