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Shared Resource Planning Tips

  • What dashboard to look for in SIRI

    There are two dashboards that can be useful in resource planning:

    • During the Annual Resource Planning Process, look for the Annual Resource Planning Process dashboard. This contains historical information that can be helpful when developing projections. This dashboard is not available outside the process period.
    • The Strategic Resource Planning Dashboard is available year-round.

    Writing tips

    • Filler words - Get rid of filler words like "I think" and "just," because they don't serve a purpose other than softening your written language. A helpful tip is to look for commas and delete any qualifiers that come before them.
    • Paragraphs – There's a fine line between necessary context and irrelevant detail. To make sure you're including only the important facts, recommendation of checking your email to see if you can replace one of your paragraphs with bullet points. The formatting change will "force you to be far more concise and direct with your writing."
    • Information that's available elsewhere - Argument that the wordier your email is, the more likely it is that you've included information that can be found elsewhere. Recommendation that referencing outside sources, such as documents, presentations, or websites, whenever possible
    • Pleasantries – People generally skim over polite email openers anyway, so don't feel like excluding them will make you look rude. Suggestion to excluding anything beyond a simple "I hope you're doing well!"

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