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As a resource planner, you are a member of a UB community that strives to ensure a financially sustainable and resilient university. This community of staff from the Resource Planning office, Unit Business Officers (UBO), and other unit resource planners is a valuable resource for you.

Getting Started

  • Getting Started in Resource Planning
    Your success in the resource planning role is our success. Resource planning at UB is highly collaborative. Your skill and effort contribute to our overall effectiveness.

Find Your Resource Planning Colleagues

Resource Planning Guidance

  • Resource Planning Tips
    Share strategies or solutions that have helped you as a resource planner. Send us your tips or ask for one — we will post them for others planners.
  • Learning Opportunities
    Find time for your own professional growth and development. You will benefit both yourself and the resource planning community when you bring new ideas to the table.
  • Professional Resources
    UB has memberships in a number of professional organizations from which we can get guidance and support. Explore them to find individual opportunities.