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As a resource planner, you are a member of a UB community that strives to ensure a financially sustainable and resilient university. This community of staff from the Resource Planning office and unit resource planners is a valuable resource for you.

Getting Started

Your success in the resource planning role is our success. Resource planning at UB is highly collaborative. Your skill and effort contribute to our overall effectiveness.

Find Your Resource Planning Colleagues

Resource Planning Staff

Resource analysts act as a point of contact for your unit for resource planning purposes and help coordinate the Annual Resource Planning Process.

Joe Lewandowski

Joseph Lewandowski


Resource Planning

Phone: 716-645-6007


avatar of Ashley Bucholtz

Ashley Bucholtz

Resource Analyst

Resource Planning

Phone: 716-645-8979


avatar of Peter DiNunzio

Peter DiNunzio

Resource Analyst

Resource Planning

Phone: 716-645-9002


Tom Goergen

Thomas Goergen

Senior Staff Assistant

Resource Planning

Phone: 716-645-6272


Kimberly Spates

Kimberly Spates

Resource Analyst

Resource Planning

Phone: 716-645-9185


Unit Resource Planners

Staff from the central Resource Planning office and individuals from all units support the university's resource planning efforts. Staff involved in resource planning may have a variety of job titles and may have different roles within each unit.

Unit Resource Planners

Name Email Address Unit Phone
Bagnoli, Erika* Graduate School of Education 645-4090
Berlinger, Lori Finance and Administration 645-2610
Burd, Katie Division of Athletics 645-9187
Burns, Michael College of Arts and Sciences 645-0737
Cimasi, Elizabeth* Research and Economic Development 645-0320
Cook, Marlene* Law School 645-2053
Costanzo, Kristina School of Public Health and Health Professions 829-5132
Deponceau, Jennifer* School of Management 645-5205
Drabek, Sandy* Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences 829-2718
Ferguson, Katherine*


College of Arts and Sciences


Filip, Renee

Finance and Administration


Gentz, Suzanne*

University Facilities


Gniazdowski, Kristin* School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences 645-2095
Hammett, Maureen School of Social Work 645-3204

Heckman, Kathleen


University Advancement


Hernandez, Christina* Student Life 645-3048
Karlsen, Lynne* School of Dental Medicine 829-3733
Kielar, Nancy* Chief Information Officer 645-3589
Kowalczyk, Larissa

Campus Living


Kravitz, Ashley*

University Libraries


Kremer, Geraldine


School of Nursing


Krygier, James Research Institute on Addictions 887-2590

Ladelfa, Bobby Jo

School of Management


Lutz, Colleen* Office of the President 645-4657
Mahon, Gary E.* School of Nursing 829-3291
Manne, Kathleen* University Communications 645-4586
Mantharam, Subbiah* Architecture and Planning 829-3793
Mariglia, Mark School of Dental Medicine 829-2836
McDonnell, William* School of Engineering and Applied Sciences 829-3920
Mucci, Irene* School of Social Work 645-1261

Murphy, Tracey, H.

Office of the President


Nowaczyk, Stephen

Student Life - FSA

Pfohman, Sandy* Office of the Provost 645-5490
Pham, Tonga University Facilities 645-5265
Redfern, Michael C.* School of Public Health and Health Professions 829-3291
Rotella, Mark J.* University Advancement 645-2599

Sherman, Eileen

Office of the Provost


Shyhalla, Patricia* International Education 645-2368
Suski, Ken Office of the Provost 645-3210
Wills, Nate* Division of Athletics 645-5548

* Designated Unit Business Officer (UBO)


Name Email Address Unit Phone
Abbey, Craig W. Institutional Analysis 645-5488

Benton, Freda

Internal Audit


Canty, Tricia

Financial Management


Coldren, Mark Human Resources 645-7777
Corry, Beth Business Services 645-2644

Davis, Brendan

Financial Management


Dennis, Valerie

Financial Management


Hubbard, Laura VP for Finance and Administration 645-5144

Hutchins, Carrie

Financial Management


Kearney-Saylor, Kara

Internal Audit


Krzystofiak, Sue Policy and Operational Excellence 645-2642

McCartney, Michelle

Financial Management


Molnar, Mark Institutional Analysis 645-3854
O'Connor, Brian Institutional Analysis 645-0754
Okon, Tom Business Reporting and  Systems 645-2482
Pesany, Jennifer Financial Management 645-2646
Putrino, Christopher Employee Relations 645-4462
Schaffer, Elaine C. UB Foundation 645-8727
Schneider, Ed UB Foundation 645-8737

Vivian, Daniel



Woodrow, Carrie

Business Services


Resource Planning Guidance

Share strategies or solutions that have helped you as a resource planner. Send us your tips or ask for one — we will post them for others planners.
Find time for your own professional growth and development. You will benefit both yourself and the resource planning community when you bring new ideas to the table.
UB has memberships in a number of professional organizations from which we can get guidance and support. Explore them to find individual opportunities.

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