Getting Started in Resource Planning

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Your success in the resource planning role is our success. Resource planning at UB is highly collaborative. Your skill and effort contribute to our overall effectiveness.

Know Your Unit and Responsibilities

Discuss with your manager or dean how your unit handles resource planning — the distribution of functions among staff. With this knowledge you can identify what information and application access you need to learn about.

Get Access To Resource Planning Data and Tools

SIRI is UB's Strategic Information Reporting System. Access is restricted to faculty and staff who require enterprise data in their roles.

  • SIRI Instructions and Videos
    Review step-by-step instructions and videos to learn how to use SIRI.

Learn About the Resource Planning Process

Each year resource planners receive a planning guide to help define the planning process for that year.  

Think you should have access, but do not? Send email to Resource Planning.

Get Help From Your Resource Analyst

Contact your unit's Resource Analyst for authoritative help about resource planning.