Baird Point/Lake LaSalle

  • Overview

    Gross Square Feet
    Construction Cost
    June 1978
    Sasaki, Dawson & Demay
  • Function

    Lake LaSalle is a 60 acre man-made lake built in 1970 to provide flood control and water runoff. Today it is a popular spot for fishing and sunbathing. The lake, which is fed by two natural springs, attracts wild ducks, heron and geese. Lake LaSalle's average depth is ten feet and its maximum depth is 25 feet.
    Baird Point is an outdoor, Greek-style amphitheater located on the southern shore of the lake. It was a gift to the University from the Baird Foundation and the Cameron Baird Foundation. The marble columns on the concrete platforms were once part of the old Federal Reserve Bank in downtown Buffalo. Following their relocation to the lake, the columns were dedicated as a memorial to servicemen and servicewomen. Baird Point also serves as a stage for the bands that play at Springfest and Fallfest.

  • Namesake

    Frank Burkett Baird.

    Frank Burkett Baird (1852-1939) was a philanthropist and successful industrialist. He came to Buffalo in 1888, built the Tonawanda Iron & Steel Company, developed the Hanna Furnace Company, and served on the board of the Pan American Exposition in 1901. By far his greatest accomplishment was as "Father of the Peace Bridge" and was a proponent of the construction which opened vehicular traffic between the U.S. and Canada in 1927. He chaired the UB Council and was a member of the Board of the University Foundation. Mr. Baird served as trustee of Forest Lawn Cemetary and is also buried there.