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Hourly-Paid Employees

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You know that you are an hourly-paid employee if you are not a student employee and your job offer included an hourly payrate. You may also have been told if you are eligible for overtime pay.

Submitting Time Sheets

You must submit timesheets in order to get paid. Payroll services will make sure that you are paid on time, correctly and in accordance with federal and state laws and regulations.  

Reporting Your Time

Check with your supervisor. Your department may have special procedures for you to follow.

Hourly Time Sheet Instructions

Entering Information

  1. Type into cells shaded light blue.
  2. Press the TAB key on the keyboard to register each entry and advance to the next cell OR use the mouse to move the cursor from cell to cell.
  3. You must press TAB, click to another cell, or press ENTER or RETURN on the keyboard to register each cell entry.  If you do not do this, it will appear that the screen has frozen while Excel waits patiently for you to let it know you have finished an entry.

Time Format

  • Enter time by typing the hours and minutes followed by am or pm
  • There must be one space between the time and am or pm.
Time Examples

When You Type



8 a

8:00 AM

Typing a or p is the same as typing am or pm.

8 am

8:00 AM

It is not necessary to type :00 for times on the hour.

8:00 am

8:00 AM

AM and PM are not case senstive

8 A.M.


Do not put periods into the abbreviations for am or pm



There must be a space between the digit 8 and the letter a

8:10 AM


Times must be on the hour, or 15 minute increments thereof .



Must specify AM or PM.


If a shift is longer than six (6) hours, at least one-half (1/2) hour must be taken for lunch. Lunch does not have to be taken if a shift is six (6) hours or less.

Distribution of Completed Time Sheet

Distribute your time sheet as instructed by your supervisor. We recommend keeping a copy for your records.

Download the Timesheet

Having trouble opening Excel forms?

Some Excel forms will not open with Internet Explorer. Use Firefox or choose SAVE AS, not OPEN, to download the file.

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