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State graduate student employees, represented by the Graduate Student Employees Union (GSEU), file an attendance record monthly with their department and a summary semiannually.  

Personal Leave

Personal leave days are  recorded on your monthly and semiannual Attendance and Leave Report:

  • You earn a lump sum of five (5) days after your first semester or at the end of ten (10) payperiods.
  • Thereafter, you accrue five (5) personal leave days on your reappointment date or at the beginning of the following fall semester.
  • You cannot accumulate leave days from year to the next.

Graduate Student Employee Personal Leave Rates

GSEU - Graduate Student Employees Union

Personal Illness Leave Rates

  • Accruals are earned in a lump sum 
  • If the days are not completely used by the end of the spring semester or end of your 12-month appointment, they are not carried forward
12-Month Appointment
Begin Earning
Accruals (days/year) Expire
After ten (10) pay periods 5.00 Appointment end date
Reappointment date 5.00 Appointment end date
10-Month Appointment
Begin Earning Accruals (days/year) Expire
After one (1) semester 5.00 End of spring semester
Next fall semester 5.00 End of spring semester

Submitting Attendance and Leave Reports

Submit your monthly attendance and leave report by the sixth (6th) day of each month and your semiannual report by January 6 and July 6 every year.


• One (1) day for each workday of absence

• Use one-quarter (1/4) increments for partial-day absences

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