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Planning for retirement today will help you meet your retirement goals for tomorrow. Whether your retirement is years away or just around the corner, it's never too early, or too late, to start planning and saving for your retirement.  

Are You Eligible to Retire From UB?

To be eligible for retirement from the University at Buffalo, New York State appointed employees must meet eligibility requirements for the New York State Health Insurance Program (NYSHIP) retiree health insurance. Qualification for pension benefits alone does not satisfy these requirements.

To qualify for NYSHIP retiree health insurance, you must meet all of the criteria outlined in the NYSHIP Planning for Retirement Publication.

Benefit Services can confirm if you qualify for retirement from the university.

Need a Quick Overview?

Quick Reference Resources

Get a Full Overview

If you are contemplating whether or when you're going to retire, find out about retiring from UB. Get all the information you need to make important decisions. Find out what will fulfill your goals.

Watch Planning for Retirement On-Demand

View the information provided in our monthly Planning for Retirement Information Session in the on-demand video.

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Registration is offered through UB Edge for monthly Planning for Retirement Information Sessions.

Understand Retirement Costs, Income and Procedures

Complete all the action items in the retirement task list before applying for retirement. Learn about these costs and procedures before you make a final retirement decision.

Retirement Costs

  • Retiree's Health Care Cost
    The cost of health insurance premiums is a monthly budget item in retirement.
  • Understanding Medicare
    Find out how Medicare works with NYSHIP
  • Dental and Vision Benefits — COBRA
    COBRA can provide continued dental or vision benefits for a period after you retire. Plan for this cost and further insurance.

Retirement Income

  • Estimate Your Retirement Income
    Only your retirement plan provider can estimate your retirement income.
  • Survivor's Benefit Program
    As a New York State retiree, you may be eligible for survivor benefits.

Filing for Retirement

Once you are ready, determine your retirement date and file for retirement benefits.

Determine Your Date of Retirement

Your date of retirement is the first day that you are no longer on payroll. Your letter of retirement must specify your last day on payroll and your beginning of business date of retirement.

Retirement Date Factors
If You Plan To: Then Your Retirement Date Is:
Work until your date of retirement The day immedately following your last day of work (even if it is not a normal workday)
Use accrued time (with approval) between your last day of work and your date of retirement The day immediately following your last day using accruals (last day on payroll)


  • I work Monday through Friday
  • I want my last day of work to be Friday, 01/13
  • I have a balance of 20 accrued vacation days
  • I receive approval to use 10 vacation days
  • My last day on payroll is Friday, 01/27
  • My date of retirement is Saturday 01/28, beginning of business

Not Sure How to Choose a Date?

Talk about date options with your retirement system, financial advisor, or contact Benefit Services with questions.

How Much Notice Should You Provide?

It is recommended that you provide the university with your notice of retirement 45 or more days or more in advance. 

Make sure you check with your retirement system to understand their filing deadlines.

How to File for Retirement

  • Filing For Retirement
    Complete your retirement application forms

What to Expect

Following successful submission of your notice of retirement to Benefit Services, our office will contact you with next steps.

Make sure you are working directly with your retirement system to collect your retirement income.

Contact the Benefits Team

The State Benefit Services Team is available to answer your questions. Use our contact information below to access all team members for the fastest response.

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Department Leadership

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