Sick Leave Credit Estimator for NYS Employees

New York State employees may use this calculator to help estimate potential sick leave credit value in preparation for retirement.

The sick leave credit is the actuarial value of your unused sick leave calculated at the time you retire, applied as a lifetime monthly credit to reduce the cost of your NYSHIP (New York State Health Insurance Program) retiree premium. You must qualify for NYSHIP retiree health insurance at the time of your separation from the University to be eligible for this benefit. 

The calculated estimate is provided for informational purposes only and amounts provided are not guaranteed. Your sick leave credits are not finalized until you have retired and all outstanding timesheets are approved and audited. The information provided is based on the information you enter. Any incorrect information entered will result in an inaccurate credit estimate.


Use of the calculator does not guarantee or confirm eligibility for retirement from the University at Buffalo and NYSHIP retiree health insurance benefits.

Sick Time Credit Options

  1. The single annuitant option is the full actuarial value of your monthly sick leave credit and will be applied to your monthly health insurance premium until you either cancel your retiree health coverage or you pass away. The single annuitant sick leave credit is not transferable to surviving dependents you may have covered on your NYSHIP coverage at the time of your passing.
  2. The dual annuitant option allows your dependent survivor(s) to continue to use your monthly sick leave credit should you predecease them. If you choose this option, you must make this election no later than your last day on payroll if you qualify for NYSHIP retiree coverage. The dual annuitant option is permanently reduced to 70 percent of the full actuarial value of your sick leave credit, regardless of whether or not dependents remain on your NYSHIP retiree plan.