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Published February 9, 2022


UB’s Virtual Vic chatbot is now available on the Traveling for Business website.


UB’s Virtual Vic chatbot is built upon a powerful artificial intelligence framework, scouring UB web pages for answers to common questions and continually improving its information accuracy.

How it Works

Type a travel-related question into the chat box and Virtual Vic scans through the Traveling for Business web pages for the answer. 

If you would like to chat with a UB travel specialist simply type "agent" into the chat box.  

If it is after hours or there isn't a staff member available, then complete a short survey which will be sent to the UB travel team and a UB travel specialist will contact you.

Let Virtual Vic Find the Answer

Save some time, below are some of the topics that can be quickly found using Virtual Vic:

  • Per diem rates
  • Mileage rate
  • Travel pre-approval form
  • Car rental
  • University-paid credit cards
  • Travel and Expense Reimbursement System (Concur)
  • Receipt requirements

Contact for Questions

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