Postdoctoral Scholars Policy Revised

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Published June 28, 2021

The Postdoctoral Scholars Policy, approved and signed by President Tripathi, is available in the University Policy Library



The University at Buffalo is committed to providing a supportive and productive training environment for our community of postdoctoral associates and postdoctoral fellows, hereinafter referred to as postdoctoral scholars. Postdoctoral scholars contribute to the academic community by enhancing the research and education programs of the university. They bring expertise, insights, and creativity that enrich the research and educational environment for all members of the university community, including graduate and undergraduate students. The university strives to provide a stimulating, positive, inclusive, and constructive experience for the postdoctoral scholars by emphasizing the shared commitment and responsibility of the institution, faculty, and scholar.

Policy Revisions

The policy was updated to:

  • Add an overarching policy statement.
  • Add the following details regarding the period of appointment
    • Periods that a postdoctoral scholar is on an approved leave of absence may not be counted towards the five-year period. Determinations will be made by the Postdoctoral Office on a case-by-case basis.
    • In the event that the postdoctoral activities are disrupted by a significant period of time due to unforeseen situations at the institution, such time may not be counted towards the five-year period.
    • In rare circumstances, a one-year extension may be granted on a case-by-case basis based on performance and existence of funding. Requests for extensions must be reviewed and approved by the Postdoctoral Office.
  • Remove appointment and extension periods
  • Remove the minimum salary amount
  • Remove the Leaves section
  • Add the Goals of Postdoctoral Traineeship, Training and Career Development, and Background sections
  • Add faculty mentors to the Applicability section
  • Add a definition for Postdoctoral Fellow Paid Direct
  • Clarify the definitions of Postdoctoral Associate and Postdoctoral Fellow
  • Remove Appendices


This policy applies to individuals with the title of Postdoctoral Associate or Postdoctoral Fellow and the faculty who supervise and mentor these individuals.


Contact Information
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Office of Postdoctoral Scholars
Sandra J. Flash
Employee Relations 716-645-4468
Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
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