Outstanding Service Recognized


Published October 26, 2021


We recognize the great work that the employees of the University at Buffalo Police Department have performed during the third quarter of 2021.

Employee of the Quarter, Third Quarter 2021

Officer Robert Adamski

At 10:30 pm on July 9th, 2021, UPD Dispatch received a call that a suicidal female may be on or near a rooftop on the North Campus. Officer Adamski responded and was able to observe where she was located. He moved her friends to a safe location before making contact with the individual near a roof hatch inside the building. Officer Adamski was able to convince her to take a seat on a step and, after speaking with her further, he was eventually able to gain her cooperation to be transported for a mental health evaluation. He then inspected the area, determined that the roof hatch alarm was malfunctioning and made arrangements for it to be addressed.

For his quick and effective response to this potentially tragic incident, it is my pleasure to recognize Officer Robert Adamski as Officer of the Quarter.

Honorable Mention - Lieutenant Kathy Zysek

UPD staff were concerned that an exterminator may need to euthanize a skunk who took up residence outside police headquarters. Lt Zysek responded late at night and on her own time, and through a significant amount of effort, was able to humanely trap and relocate the animal to a more appropriate home. This is just one of many instances where Lt Zysek has taken the initiative to ensure that UPD animal interactions are handled in the most humane manner possible. Her efforts are always greatly appreciated!

Honorable Mention - Officers Mark Fleetwood and David MacDonald

Honorable mention also goes to Officers Fleetwood and MacDonald for the assistance they provided Officer Adamski on the above mentioned call. Officers Macdonald and Fleetwood kept people from the area and communicated necessary information over the air to ensure this incident came to a safe conclusion.

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