UB Virtual Wellness Week

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Thank you for joining us for our Virtual Wellness Week 2020 — three days of informative and engaging programming led by UB and community experts. 

Tuesday October 20 Session Descriptions

Wednesday October 21 Session Descriptions

Thursday October 22 Session Descriptions

Session Schedule

Contact an Expert

  • Peter Logiudice.

    Peter Logiudice

    Wellness and Work Life Balance

    Phone: 716-645-1528

    Email: pjl2@buffalo.edu

  • Michele Poitras.

    Michele Poitras

    Wellness and Work Life Balance

    Phone: 716-645-4457

    Email: poitras@buffalo.edu

  • Amy Myszka.

    Amy Myszka


    Benefits and Work Life Balance

    Phone: 716-645-5357

    Email: amyszka@buffalo.edu